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SPECIAL SKILLS:  Originally a fisherman’s dog, now a family pet.   

SIZE:  The shoulder-height is about 71cm (28 in) for dogs and about 66cm (26 in) for bitches.  Their weight is 50 – 69kg (110 – 152 lb).  

COAT:  The Newfoundland has a water resistant, double, medium-length, greasy and dense coat.  Permitted colors are brown or black, with some white on the chest, toes and tip of the tail.  Black and white Newfoundlanders exist, but are seldom seen. 

CARE REQUIRED:  Brush and comb this breed regularly with special attention to the hindquarters and other areas where tangles quickly form.  Trim any excess hair growth between the pads of the feet.  

CHARACTER:  Good humored, sociable, gentle, straight-forward, affectionate, and tractable, this breed is friendly with people and animals, loves to swim, is not particularly vigilant yet protects its family if it should become necessary.  The Newfoundland rarely barks, is self-assured, and has an equable nature.  

TRAINING:  Training must be conducted in a calm and balanced manner.  These dogs are very sensitive to the tone of your voice. 

SOCIAL BEHAVIOR:  The Newfoundland is a through and through household companion.  Any dog, other animal, child, or visitor who has no evil intentions will receive a friendly welcome.  

EXERCISE:  Avoid all exhausting day-long hikes until the dog is fully grown.  Newfoundlands usually love to swim and this is an ideal form of exercise for them.  The thick coat protects them against cold and rain so that they can happily be kept out of doors.




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