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Galgo Español




SPECIAL SKILLS:  Hunting of small game by sight and family pet

SIZE:  The shoulder-height is 65-70cm (25 1/2-27 1/2in) for dogs and 60-68cm (23 1/2-26 3/4in) for bitches.  

COAT:  This breed has both a short and rough-haired version.  The majority of dogs are black, sandy, white, red, brown, yellow, or a roan.  

CARE REQUIRED: Little grooming is required.  In common with other dogs, the ears should be checked regularly and the claws kept short.  

CHARACTER:  These are intelligent, curious, and affectionate dogs which are kind to children and very loyal to their handler and family.  If necessary they will protect their family.  

TRAINING:  With a very consistent approach and much patience and insight, these relatively untamed dogs can be basically trained in the basics.  Direct the dog's natural character in the desired direction but do not try to create a perfectly responsive machine because this is the wrong dog for that.  It is extremely important that the young dog becomes acquainted with a variety of people and situations.  

SOCIAL BEHAVIOR:  These dogs will rarely cause any problems with children because they are still close to nature and instinctively know that small persons need care. They like to play with other dogs and enjoy showing off their speed.  They are not, however, a good ideal choice of dog if you have cats or other small animals because they have strong hunting instincts which make them chase anything which suddenly moves and they cannot resist that instinct. 

EXERCISE:  If these dogs have the freedom of a fair-sized piece of ground which is well fenced in, an outing twice a week with the bicycle for a chance of background will be sufficient.  If not, they will need a considerable amount of more formal exercise.  If this is not available the dog is likely to become very frustrated and to make this obvious.




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