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Fila Brasileiro




SPECIAL SKILLS:  Watchdog and tracking dog.

SIZE:  The shoulder-height is 65 – 75cm (25 ½ - 29 ½ in) for dogs and 60 – 70cm (23 ½ - 27 ½ in) for bitches.

COAT:  The short-haired coat of the Fila Brasileiro is known in many different colors of which only white, mouse-grey, and spotted or piebald coats are not accepted.  The most usual coat is brindle.

CARE REQUIRED:  This is a breed which requires relatively little care.  Let the dog lie somewhere soft to prevent calouses forming on the leg joints.

CHARACTER:  The Fila Brasileiro can be very affectionate and always works with its handler, which it obeys totally.  These dogs are suspicious of strangers and this can manifest itself as aggression or evasion, depending upon the person in question.  Regular visitors are usually accepted.  The breed has an exceptionally well developed sense of smell so that the dogs are very aware of whatever approaches.  They can act quite independently, depending upon the situation.  They have very strong territorial instincts. 

TRAINING:  The owner of a Fila Brasileiro needs to be confident and have a well-balanced nature in order to train the breed successfully.  Some people find the dog’s character to be difficult and unfathomable.  Training needs to be calmly carried out in a harmonious manner and with understanding for the dog’s character.  An occasional correction is acceptable but this breed is very sensitive to the intonation of your voice.  The potential owner must be aware that they react very quickly.  For the right handler they are obedient. 

SOCIAL BEHAVIOR:  The Fila Brasileiro presents no problems for the children of its family but this is not true of their playmates.  It will also accept other household animals which it has met while young.  New pets joining the family are usually not accepted.

EXERCISE:  It is best to keep this breed in a large, securely fenced yard where it can take care of its own exercise needs.  From time to time take it to new places to provide a change of scene for it.

SPECIAL REMARKS:  The Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Molosser is banned in some countries.  It is definitely not a breed for beginners, nor one to be kept in an urban environment.






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