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Austrian Pinscher 




SPECIAL SKILLS:  Vermin destroyer and family pet.

SIZE:  The shoulder-height is 35 – 50cm (13 ¾ - 19 ½ in).

COAT:  This breed’s short-haired coat is usually russet-brown, yellow, or streaked brown, with or without white markings.

CARE REQUIRED:  Austrian Pinschers are easy to take care of – all that is needed to keep the coat in good condition is to brush if from time to time to remove any loose and dead hairs.

CHARACTER:  This dog is constantly alert, lively and very active, demanding of itself, intelligent, and an outstanding rat-catcher.  It bonds extremely closely with its family.

TRAINING:  Give the Austrian Pinscher a caring, fair, but somewhat firm training.  These dogs learn quickly and perform well in competitions testing skills.  With the right handler they can also do well in obedience trials.  There are usually no problems with cats, and other household pets, provided, or course, that the usual advice to socialize them when young is followed.  They can be somewhat remote and cautious with strangers.

 EXERCISE:  The Austrian Pinscher is by origin a farm dog so that a home in the country where it can get all the exercise it needs on its own is the ideal place for it.  If this does not match your life style, then take it for long walks regularly.












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