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Argentinian Mastiff

Dogo Argentino



OTHER NAMES: Argentinian Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Argentine Dogo

SPECIAL SKILLS: Hunting dog.

SIZE: The shoulder-height is 60 –65cm (23 ½ - 25 ½ in).

COAT: The Argentinian Mastiff has a short coat which is always white, sometime with pigment flecks in the skin. A small black patch between the ears is permissible. There is also an extremely rare version with a long-haired coat.

CARE REQUIRED: The coat of the Argentinian Mastiff is very easy to keep in condition. Remove dead and loose hairs during shedding with a rubber brush. Keep the claws short and, as is necessary with all dogs, make sure the ear passages are kept clean.

CHARACTER: This brave, even-tempered dog is loyal to its handler and family, barks little, is demanding of itself, has considerable stamina, and a strongly developed hunting instinct. The dogs in particular may tend to try to dominate other dogs.

TRAINING: This dog is definitely not a breed for beginners. It requires a well-balanced, loving, but very consistent upbringing. Try to reward it when things go well and when they go wrong punish the dog solely with your voice. A combination of isolation in a kennel with a tough training regime is cruel and can lead to unpredictable behavior from this dog.

SOCIAL BEHAVIOR: These dogs usually get on well with children although some of them can be rather boisterous. It is possible to socialize them to tolerate cats and other pets but it is not advisable to expect and Argentinian Mastiff to share a house with them. Remember that this is a hunting dog which will regard a cat or sheep as prey. They are not an ideal choice as watchdogs because of their hunting instincts although they are certainly likely to frighten away most wrongdoers.

EXERCISE: For this dog to be happy it should be taken regularly for long walks. A walk around the block three times a day is definitely not enough. In a large enough fenced yard it will burn-off its energy itself. Because of its strong hunting instincts and dominant behavior towards other dogs, an Argentinian Mastiff must be firmly controlled when walked on a leash.

SPECIAL REMARKS: This breed is banned in some countries. They are not suitable for beginners. Many of these dogs are deaf. Purchase puppies only for a trust worthy recognized breeder.

* Note: The size and aesthetic characteristics indicated are the general goals of most breeders and may vary among the breed.



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